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Prepare Physics at Home | Solved Practice Questions, Test Series on Gravitation | NEET NTA | JEE Main


NEET NTA, JEE MAIN - Physics Preparation   
Physics solved MCQ test series and practice questions with answers from the chapter “Gravitation”. Prepare at home (Ghar Baithe Taiyari Kare) for NTA NEET, JEE Main, all national and state level engineering and medical entrance exams.

Gravitation (Topics / Syllabus)
Kepler’s laws of planetary motion. Laws of Gravitation - the universal law of gravitation. Acceleration due to gravity and its variation with altitude and depth. Gravitational Forces. Gravitational potential energy and Field; Escape velocity, orbital velocity of a satellite. Geostationary satellites. Motion of planets and satellites in circular orbits.

Physics Practice Questions: Gravitation
Question 21: If the change in the value of g at a height h above the surface of earth is the same as at a depth d below it (both h and d are much smaller than the radius of the earth), then:
a. d = h    b. d = 2h    c. d = h/2    d. d = h2

Question 22: The weight of a body will appear to be zero when
a. It is kept at the centre of the earth
b. It is freely falling
c. It is inside the satellites orbiting around the earth
d. All of these

Question 23: A satellite launching station should be
a. Near the equator region
b. Near the polar region
c. On the polar axis
d. On any place

Question 24: For the moon to cease to remain the earth’s satellite, its orbital velocity has to increase by a factor –
a. 2    b. √2    c. 1/√2    d. √3

Question 25: What will be the formula of mass of the earth in terms of g, R and G?

Question 26: Gravitational force between a point mass m and M separated by a distance is F. Now, if a point mass 2m is placed next to m in contact with it, the force on M due to m and the total force on M are:
a. 2F, F    b. F, 2F    c. F, 3F    d. F, F

Question 27: The distances of Neptune and Saturn from the sun are nearly 1013 and 1012 meters respectively. Assuming that they move in circular orbits, their periodic times will be in the ratio –
a. √10    b. 100    c. 10√10    d. 1/√10

Question 28: Which of the following graphs shows the variation of acceleration due to gravity g with depth h from the surface of the earth?
(1) (a)    (2) (b)    (3) (c)    (4) (d)

Question 29: A satellite is revolving around the earth in a circular orbit with a uniform speed. If the gravitational force suddenly disappears, then the satellite will
a. Continue to move in the same orbit with that speed
b. Move tangentially to the orbit with that speed
c. Move away from the earth normally to the orbit
d. Fall down on the earth

Question 30: A satellite can be in a geostationary orbit around a planet at a distance r from the centre of the planet. If the angular velocity of the planet about its axis doubles, a satellite can now be in a geostationary orbit around the planet if its distance from the centre of the planet is –

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