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Physics > Units, Dimensions, Measurements and Error Analysis

Fully solved MCQ Test Series (Multiple Choice Questions) exclusively helpful for preparing all Medical and Engineering Joint Entrance Exams; MBBS and BDS Admission Tests, NEET, IIT JEE Main and Advanced and others.

Practice Questions from some of these topics (Syllabus):
Units and Dimensions. International System of Units - SI, Fundamental and Derived Units. Dimensional Formula and Dimensional Equations. Dimensional Analysis and its Applications. Significant figures and rounding off the numbers. Measurement of length, mass, and time. Accuracy, Precision of Instruments and error analysis. 

Physics : Units, Dimensions, Measurements and Error Analysis

MCQ Test Series (Practice Questions) Set 1 (Q.No. 1-10)
Question 1: [ML2T-3A-1] is the dimensional formula for:
a. capacitance    b. resistance    c. resistivity    d. potential difference      

a. 3 x 10­–3m   b. 0.0030m   c. 30 x 10–4m   d. 300 x 10–5

Question 3: Which of the following is usually a derived quantity? 
a. mass    b. velocity    c. length   d. time

Question 4: For a cubical block, error in measurement of sides is ± 1% and error in measurement of mass is ± 2%, then maximum possible error in density is –
a.1%    b. 5%    c. 3%    d. 7%

Question 5: The damping force on an oscillator is directly proportional to the velocity. The units of the constant of proportionality are
a. kgs-1     b. kgs   c. kgms-1    d. kgms-2

Question 6: Given that 
Units, Dimensions, Measurements and Error Analysis - Question 6 image
where, t represents time in second and x represents distance in metre. Which of the following statements is true?
a. The unit of x is same as that of q    
b. The unit of x is same as that of p
c. The unit of t is same as that of q     
d. The unit of t is same as that of p

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Question 7: A packet contains silver powder of mass 20.23 g ± 0.01 g. Some of the powder of mass 5.75 g ± 0.01 g is taken out from it. The mas of the powder left back is
a. 14.48 g ± 0.00 g      b. 14.48 g ± 0.02g
c. 14.5 g ± 0.1 g          d. 14.5 g ± 0.2g

Question 8: The mass of a ball is 1.76 kg. The mass of 25 such ball is
a. 440 kg      b. 44.0 kg
c. 44 kg        d. 44.00 kg

Question 9: A unit-less quantity
a. never has a non-zero dimension   
b. always has a non-zero dimension
c. may have a non-zero dimension
d. does not exist

Question 10: What is the dimension of surface tension?
a. [ML1T0]      b. [ML1T1]

c. [ML0T-2]     d. [M1L0T-2]

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