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Animal Kingdom - Classification of Animals

Salient features and classification of animals-nonchordate up to phyla level and chordate up to classes level (three to five salient features and at least two examples). Protozoa. Porifera. Coelenterata (Cnidaria). Ctenophora. Platyhelminthes. Aschelminthes. Annelida. Arthropoda. Mollusca. Echinodermata. Hemichordata. Uro-chordata. Pisces. Amphibia. Reptilia. Aves. Mammalia.   

Biology: Animal Kingdom and Classification of Animals

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) – Set 1 (Q. No.(1 - 10)

Question 1: Rodents have
a. Long spines
b. Long incisors
c. Long canines
d. Hooves

Question 2: Which of the following statements is not true?
a. All members of the kingdom Animalia are multicellular
b. Nature of coelom is used as one of the basis of animal classification
c. There is no need of classification now as over a million species of animals have been described till now
d. The arrangement of cells in the body is one of the classifying feature of the animals

Question 3: Locomotion is not known to occur in
a. Amoeba
b. Maggot of housefly
c. Earthworm
d. Leucosolenia

Question 4: What happens if a marine protozoan is transferred to a freshwater medium?
a. It bursts
b. It shrinks
c. It remain static
d. It first enlarges but becomes normal again

Question 5: Which statement is incorrect about porifera?
a. Body bears several pores and hence the name porifera
b. Skeleton of calcareous or siliceous spicules or horny spongin fibres
c. Diploblastic made of ectoderm, endoderm and intervening mesoglea
d. Cellular grade of organisation

Question 6: The peculiarity of sponges is
a. Canal system
b. Water vascular system
c. Central gastro vascular cavity
d. Bioluminescence

Question 7: In cephalochordata notochord is
a. Confined only to head
b. Confined only to tail
c. Extends from head to tail
d. Absent in adult

Question 8: One of the representatives of Phylum Arthropoda is –
a. Silver fish
b. Puffer fish
c. Flying fish
d. Cuttle fish

Question 9: Example of bioluminescent protozoan is –
a. Paramecium
b. Giardia
c. Entamoeba
d. Noctiluca

Question 10: Polyp phase is absent in
a. Aurelia
b. Hydra
c. Physalia
d. Obelia

India Study Solution

Biology : Animal Kingdom and Classification of Animals
Solutions of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) – Set 1 (Q. No. 1 – 10)

Answer 1: (b).   Answer 2: (c).   Answer 3: (d).   Answer 4: (d).   Answer 5: (d).   Answer 6: (a).   Answer 7: (c).   Answer 8: (a).   Answer 9: (d).   Answer 10: (a).

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