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Human Reproduction, Reproductive Health - Biology Online Test Series for NEET, AIPMT, MCAT, MBBS Entrance Tests


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Here is a new online solved India Study Solution MCQ test series from Biology chapter - Human Reproduction, Reproductive Health - to help you prepare and boost confidence before any Medical Entrance Exam, NEET, AIPMT.
Each set will have most important, carefully selected and to be expected 10 practice questions with their hints and answers placed at the end of the post.

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Human Reproduction and Reproductive Health (Syllabus)

Human Reproduction: Male and female reproductive systems; Microscopic anatomy of testis and ovary; Gametogenesis-spermatogenesis & oogenesis; Menstrual Cycle; Fertilization, embryo development up to blastocyst formation, implantation; Pregnancy and Embryonic Development (placenta formation); Parturition and Lactation (Elementary idea).
Reproductive Health: Need for reproductive health and prevention of STD; Population Explosion and Birth Control; Contraception and Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP); Amniocentesis; Infertility and assisted reproductive technologies – IVF, ZIFT, GIFT (Elementary idea).

Practice Questions : Human Reproduction and Reproductive Health
India Study Solution MCQ Test Series – Set 1 (Q. NO. 1-10)

Question 1: The first sign of growing foetus may be noticed by observing –
a. Breathing
b. Heart sound
c. Limbs movement
d. Head

Question 2: When do the egg cells of a human female begin meiosis?
a. Before she is born
b. During ovulation
c. At the start of puberty
d. During menstruation

Question 3: Sugar fructose is present in the secretion of –
a. Bartholin’s gland
b. Cowper’s gland
c. Perineal glands
d. Seminal vescicle

Question 4: In the fertile human female, approximately on which day of the menstrual cycle does ovulation take place?
a. Day 14
b. Day 18
c. Day 1
d. Day 8

Question 5: Cryptorchidism is a condition in which –
a. Testes does not descend into scrotal sac
b. Sperm is not found
c. Male hormones are not reactive
d. Ovaries are removed

Question 6: The period in which appearance of secondary sexual character is called –
a. Eunich
b. Menarche
c. Menopause
d. Puberty

Question 7: The permissible use of the technique amniocentesis is for –
a. Detecting any genetic abnormality
b. Detecting sex of the unborn foetus
c. Artificial insemination
d. Transfer of embryo into the uterus of a surrogate mother

Question 8: The actual genetic part of a sperm is its:
a. Head
b. Middle piece
c. Acrosome
d. Tail

Question 9: What is true for cleavage?
a. Size of embryo increases
b. Size of cells decrease
c. Size of cells increase
d. Size of embryo decreases

Question 10: 32-celled stage of human embryo is –
a. Smaller than fertilised egg
b. Same size as fertilised egg
c. Two times the size of fertilised egg
d. Four times the fertilised egg

Biology: Human Reproduction and Reproductive Health
Solutions of Test Series – Set 1 (Q. No. 1–10)

Answer 1: (d).   Answer 2: (a).   Answer 3: (d).   Answer 4: (a).   Answer 5: (a).   Answer 6: (d).   Answer 7: (a).    Answer 8: (a).   Answer 9: (b).   Answer 10: (c).

Human Reproduction, Reproductive Health : Solved Objective Questions / Study Materials
Human Reproduction, Reproductive Health : More Test Series

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