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Human Reproduction, Reproductive Health - Free Online Test Series for AIPMT, NEET, WBJEE, AFMC, EAMCET, JIPMER, KIITJEE, COMEDK, MBBS Medical Entrance


Biology > Human Reproduction, Reproductive Health

Free online practice series questions answers for preparing all national and state level Medical and Dental Entrance Exams, BDS and MBBS admission tests. Prepare smartly for Tripura Joint Entrance Exam (TJEE), KEAM - CEE Kerala, AIPMT, AIPVT - All India Pre-Veterinary Test, WBJEE, Manipal University MBBS, OJEE, Bihar PMT, KIITJEE - KIIT Medical Entrance Exam, COMEDK - Karnataka, UPMT, Uttarakhand Pre Medical Test, UPCAT, JIPMER MBBS Entrance Exam, PMET - Punjab Medical Entrance Test, UPCMET, Rajasthan Pre Veterinary Test (RPVT), EAMCET, IMS - BHU PMT, UPCPMT - Uttar Pradesh Combined Pre Medical Test, Amrita MBBS & BDS Entrance Exam, AMU MBBS, CMC Vellore Medical Entrance.

Human Reproduction and Reproductive Health (Syllabus)

Human Reproduction: Male and female reproductive systems; Microscopic anatomy of testis and ovary; Gametogenesis-spermatogenesis & oogenesis; Menstrual Cycle; Fertilization, embryo development up to blastocyst formation, implantation; Pregnancy and Embryonic Development (placenta formation); Parturition and Lactation (Elementary idea).
Reproductive Health: Need for reproductive health and prevention of STD; Population Explosion and Birth Control; Contraception and Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP); Amniocentesis; Infertility and assisted reproductive technologies – IVF, ZIFT, GIFT (Elementary idea).

Biology: Human Reproduction and Reproductive Health

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) – Set 2 (Q. No.11-20)

Question 11: Life span of parrot is –
a. 140 years
b. 40 years
c. 15 years
d. 25 years

Question 12: Accessory glands associated with genital organs of female?
a. Vestibular of Bartholin’s
b. Cowper’s
c. Ampullary
d. Vesicular

(1) a, b   (2) a only   (3) b, c   (4) d only   (5) c only

Question 13: Artificial insemination means –
a. Transfer of sperms of husband to a test tube containing ova
b. Artificial introduction of sperms of healthy donor into the vagina
c. Introduction of sperms of healthy donor directly into the ovary
d. Transfer of sperms of a healthy donor to a test tube containing ova

Question 14: Which of the following is not a female external genitalia –
a. Clitoris
b. Labia majora
c. Hymen
d. Vagina

Question 15: Primary spermatocyte differs from spermatogonium in –
a. Number of chromosomes
b. Size and volume
c. DNA content
d. Size of chromosomes

Question 16: The nucleus of a sperm is located in –
a. Acrosome
b. Head
c. Middle piece
d. Tail

Question 17: Extra structure which provides nutrition to embryo is –
a. Umbilicus
b. Chorion
c. Placenta
d. Amnion

Question 18: Foetal ejection reflex in human female is induced by –
a. Differentiation of mammary glands
b. Pressure exerted by amniotic fluid
c. Release of oxytocin from pituitary
d. Fully developed foetus and placenta

Question 19: Sperms in the sperm bank are stored at –
a. 40C
b. -40C
c. -1790C
d. -10000C

Question 20: About which day in a normal human menstrual cycle does rapid secretion of LH (Popularly called LH-surge) normally occur?
a. 5th day
b. 11th day
c. 14th day
d. 20th day

Biology Practice Questions: Human Reproduction and Reproductive Health
Solutions of Test Series – Set 2 (Q. No. 11–20)

Answer 11: (a).   Answer 12: (2).  Answer 13: (b).  Answer 14: (d).  Answer 15: (b).  Answer 16: (b).   Answer 17: (a).   Answer 18: (d).  Answer 19: (c).  Answer 20: (c).

Human Reproduction, Reproductive Health : Solved Test Series & Study Materials
Human Reproduction, Reproductive Health : More Test Series

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