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Free online Physics MCQ Test Series, Practice Questions with Solutions on Kinematics for JEE, NEET, IIT, AIPMT


Welcome back to 'India Study Solution’ Physics MCQ Test Series / Practice Questions Section, This section contains MCQ and Objective Test Series each set containing 10 most important questions with hints & solutions from the chapter KINEMATICS (syllabus included below).
Physics Notes and Study Materials with Key Points to remember and important Formulae and more on Kinematics - Motion in a straight line, Uniform and Non-uniform acceleration, Relative velocity, Scalars and Vectors and all topics in syllabus (provided at the end of hints / solutions) will be published separately (link for which will be provided here) 
Kinematics: Physics Guide and Solution
MCQ Test Series – Set 3 (Q. No.21-30)
Question 21: The speed-time graph of an object moving along a solid curve is shown in the adjacent fig. The distance traversed by the object from t - 0 to t = 3 is -
a. 10/2 m
b. 10/4 m
c. 10/3 m
d. 10/5 m

Question 22: The slope of velocity-time graph for uniform motion of an object is -
a. unity
b. zero
c. infinite
d. more than unity with some finite value

Question 23: A point mass starts moving in a straight line with constant acceleration f from rest at t =0. At time t = 2s, the acceleration changes the sign, remaining the same in magnitude. The mass returns to the initial position at time t = t0 after start of motion. Here t0 is:
a. 4s
b. (4 + 2√2)s
c. (2 + 2√2)s
d. (4 + 4√2)s
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Question 24: The displacement of a body is given by s = (gt2)/2, where ‘g’ is acceleration due to gravity. The velocity of the body at any instant ‘t’ is given by -  
a. (gt3)/6
b. (gt2)/2
c. gt
d. (gt)/2

Question 25: Two particles start from rest simultaneously and are equally accelerated. Throughout the motion, the relative velocity of one with respect to other is -   
a. zero
b. non-zero and directed parallel to acceleration
c. non-zero and directed opposite to acceleration
d. directed perpendicular to the acceleration

Question 26: A particle moves with uniform acceleration and v1, v2 and v3 denote the average velocities in the three successive intervals of time t1, t2 and t3. Which of the following relations is correct?
a. (v1 – v2) : (v2 – v3) = (t1 – t2) : (t2 + t3)
b. (v1 – v2) : (v2 – v3) = (t1 + t2) : (t2 + t3)
c. (v1 – v2) : (v2 – v3) = (t1 – t2) : (t1 – t3)
d. (v1 – v2) : (v2 – v3) = (t1 – t2) : (t2 – t3)

Question 27: The vertical height of point P above the ground is twice of that of Q. A stone is projected downward with a speed of 5 m/s from P and at the same time another stone is projected upward with the same speed from Q. Both stone reach the ground simultaneously, then -
a. PQ = 30 m
b. Time of flight of stones = 3 s
c. Both (a) and (b) are correct
d. Both (a) and (b) are wrong

Question 28: Which of the following position-time graphs shows an object moving with negative acceleration?
India Study Solution solved test series on Kinematics
Question 29: The total vertical distance covered by a freely falling body in a given time is directly proportional to -
a. time
b. square of time
c. square of acceleration due to gravity
d. product of the time and acceleration due to gravity

Question 30: A 100 m long train crosses a man travelling at 5 km/h, in opposite direction, in 7.2 s, then the velocity of the train is -
a. 40 km/s
b. 25 km/s
c. 20 km/s
d. 45 km/s
Physics Guide and Solution: KINEMATICS
Hints & Solutions of Practice Questions / MCQ Test Series – Set 3 (Q. No.21–30)
Answer 21: b.  Answer 22: b. 
Answer 23: b. 
India Study Solution solved test series on Kinematics
Answer 24: c. 
Answer 25: a. (Hint: They will have the same velocity at all instants and hence, their relative velocity is zero.)
Answer 26: b. 
India Study Solution solved test series on Physics
Answer 27: c.
Answer 28: c.  Answer 29: b.
Answer 30: d.
Kinematics Syllabus for JEE Main and NEET:
Frame of reference, Motion in a straight line, Uniform and Non-uniform motion, Average speed and instantaneous velocity, Uniformly accelerated motion, Velocity - Time, Position - Time graphs, Relations for uniformly accelerated motion, Relative velocity, Motion in a plane.
Scalars and Vectors, Vector addition and subtraction, Zero vector, Scalar and vector products, Unit vector, Resolution of a vector, Position and Displacement vector, General vector and notation, Equality of vector, Multiplication of vector and a real number.
Please click on the link below for more solved Test Series on Kinematics, confidence boosting practice questions with hints and answers for preparing NEET, AIPMT, JEE Main, Medical, Dental Entrance Exams, Engineering Entrance Exams; MBBS and Engineering Admission Tests, NTSE, KVPY and other competitive exams.
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KINEMATICS - India Study Solution Test Series Questions

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