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Work, Energy and Power - Solved Test Series, Questions Bank with Hints, Solutions for NEET (AIIMS, JIPMER), JEE Main, JEE Advanced (IIT), NEST


Physics Solutions for NEET, JEE Main, IIT, AIIMS, JIPMER, WBJEE : Work, Energy and Power
Here you will get carefully selected 10 MCQ practice questions in our each Test Series with hints & solutions (given at the end) from the Physics chapter - Work, Energy and Power.
All these are typically important questions for NEET-UG, JEE Main & Advanced (IIT) AIIMS, JIPMER, COMEDK, WBJEE, MBBS Admission Tests, Engineering Entrance Exams, NEST and other such competitive exams.
Topics / Syllabus for IIT JEE Main & Advanced, NEET (AIPMT, JIPMER):
Work done by a constant force and by a variable force, Unit of Work, Energy and Power, Work Energy, Theorem. Elastic and in-elastic collisions in one and two dimensions, Notions of Work and Energy, Law of Conservations of Energy, Potential and Kinetic Energies, Gravitational Potential Energy, and its conversion to Kinetic energy, Potential Energy of a spring. Conservative and Non-conservative Forces, Different forms of Energy, Three types of Equilibrium, Mass - Energy equivalence. Power.   
Solved MCQ Test Series – Set 1 (Q. No. 1-10)
Question 1: The figures below represent the total potential energy ‘U’ of a function of the inter-atomic distance ‘r’. Which diagram corresponds to stable molecules found in nature -  

India Study Solution image

Question 2: A 50kg man with 20kg load on his headclimbs up 20 steps of 0.25m height each. The work done by the man on the block during climbing is -  
a. 5J        b. 350J
c. 1000J  d. 3540J

Question 3: In the case of conservative force -
a. work done is independent of path
b. work done in a close loop is zero
c. work done against conservative force is stored in the form of potential energy
d. all the above.

Question 4: A man is sitting on a swing at a maximum height of 5m above the ground. When the swing passes through the mean position which is 2m above the ground its velocity will be approximately -
a. 7.6 m/s     b. 9.8 m/s
c. 6.26 m/s   d. 98 m/s.

Question 5: A body loses half of its velocity on penetrating 6cm in a wooden block. How much will it penetrate more before coming to rest?  
a. 1cm     b. 2cm
c. 3cm     d. 4cm

Question 6: The work done by all the forces (external & internal) on a system equals to the change in -  
a. only kinetic energy
b. only potential energy
c. total energy
d. none of these

Question 7: For the path PQR in a conservative force field as shown in figure, the amount of work done in carrying a body from P to Q and from Q to R are 5J and 2J respectively. The work done in carrying the body from P to R will be equal to -
India Study Solution image

a. 7J        b. 3J
c. √21J    d. zero

Question 8: A block of mass ‘m’ is lowered with the help of a rope of negligible mass through a distance ‘d’ with an acceleration of g/3. Work done by the on the block is,

Question 9: A particle of mass ‘m’ at rest is acted upon by a force ‘F’ for time ‘t’. The kinetic energy of the particle after an interval ‘t’ is -    
a. F2t2/m        b. (Ft)2/2m
c. (Ft)2/3m     d. Ft/2m

Question 10: A man tries to push a wall and fails to displace it. He does -
a. negative work    b. positive work
c. no work              d. none of these

India Study Solution
Physics Practice Questions for NEET, JEE Main, IIT, AIIMS, JIPMER: 
Work, Energy and Power
Hints & Solutions of MCQ Test Series – Set 1 (Q. No.1–10)
Answer 1: a. (Hint: Among four diagrams in this diagram, ‘U’ is minimum for some value of ‘r’). Answer 2: c. (W = 20 x 10 x 20 x 0.25 = 1000J) Answer 3: d. Answer 4: a. Answer 5: b. Answer 6: a. Answer 7: a.
India Study Solution - - image

Answer 8: b. Answer 9: b.
India Study Solution - - image

Answer 10: c.
 Work, Energy and Power  - More Practice Questions, Test Series 

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