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Work, Energy and Power - Test Series and Practice Questions with Hints, Solutions for NEET (AIIMS, JIPMER), JEE Main, JEE Advanced (IIT), NEST


Work, Energy and Power

Solved Test Series for NEET, JEE Main & Advanced, IIT, AIIMS, JIPMER, WBJEE : Work, Energy and Power

Here you get carefully prepared another Set of 10 MCQ practice questions (Q.No.11 - 20) in our each Test Series with hints & solutions (given at the end) from the Physics chapter - Work, Energy and Power.

Practising with our test series questions will certainly enhance your level of confidence for NEET-UG, JEE Main & Advanced (IIT) AIIMS, JIPMER, COMEDK, WBJEE, MBBS Admission Tests, Engineering Entrance Exams, NEST and other such competitive exams.

Syllabus :
Work done by a constant force and by a variable force, Unit of Work, Energy and Power, Work Energy, Theorem. Elastic and in-elastic collisions in one and two dimensions, Notions of Work and Energy, Law of Conservation of Energy, Potential and Kinetic Energies, Gravitational Potential Energy, and its conversion to Kinetic energy, Potential Energy of a spring. Conservative and Non-conservative Forces, Different forms of Energy, Three types of Equilibrium, Mass-Energy equivalence. Power.   
Solved MCQ Test Series – Set 2 (Q. No. 11-20)
Question 11: The potential energy of a particle varies with distance ‘x’ as shown in the graph below.
India Study Solution -

The force acting on the particle is zero at -
a. C         b. B
c. B & C  d. A & D

Question 12: A box of mass 1kg is pulled on a horizontal plane of length 1m by a force of 8N then it is raised vertically to a height of 2m, the net work done is,
a. 28J    b. 8J
c. 18J    d. None of the above

Question 13: Two bodies of masses m1 and m2 have equal momenta. Their K.E. are in ratio -
a. √m2 : √m1   
b. m1 : m2
c. m2 : m1
d. m12 : m12

Question 14: The potential energy of a long spring when stretched by 2cm is ‘U’. If the same spring is stretched by 8cm the potential energy stored in it is -  
a. 4U    b. 8U
c. 16U  d. U/4

Question 15: Work done by frictional force is always -
a. zero             b. negative
c. positive        d. may be either positive, negative or zero

Question 16: The relationship between force and position is shown in the adjacent figure. The work done by the force in displacing a body from x = 1cm to x = 5cm is,
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a. 20 ergs    b. 60 ergs
c. 70 ergs    d. 700 ergs

Question 17: When momentum of a body is increased by 200%, its kinetic energy also increases by -
a. 200%      b. 400%
c. 350%      d. 800%

Question 18: Velocity - Time graph of a particle mass 2 kg moving in a straight line is as shown in figure. Work done by all the forced on the particle is -  
India Study Solution - - diagram

a. 400J
b. – 400J
c. – 200J
d. 200J.

Question 19: A spring of force const 800 N/m is extended by 5cm. The work done in extending it from 5cm to 15cm is -   
a. 16J     b. 8J
c. 32J     d. 24J

Question 20: The average power required to lift a 100kg mass through a height of 50m in approximately 50 seconds would be -
a. 50J/s    b. 5000J/s
c. 100J/s  d. 980J/s

India Study Solution
Physics Solutions for NEET, JEE Main, IIT, AIIMS, JIPMER
Work, Energy and Power
Hints / Solutions of Physics MCQ Test Series – Set 2 (Q. No.11–20)
Answer 11: c. (dU/dx = 0 at B & C). Answer 12: a. Answer 13: d.
Answer 14: c. Hint:

Answer 15: d. Answer 16: a. Answer 17: d. Answer 18: b.
Answer 19: b.

Answer 20: d.
(Hint: Average Power = (100 x 9.8 x 50) ÷ 50 = 980 J/s)

 Work, Energy and Power  - More Practice Questions, Test Series 

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