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Free online Physics MCQ test series for IITJEE, NEET, AIPMT, Engineering and Medical Joint Entrance Exams - GRAVITATION


Physics MCQs and practice questions on randomly selected topics from the chapter “Gravitation” helpful for IITJEE, NEET, other national and state level engineering and medical Joint Entrance Exams, MBBS Admission Tests such as - All India Pre-Veterinary Test, NAT (National Aptitude Test), ISAT (IIST Admission Test) and other competitive examinations.

Physics MCQ Test Series on Gravitation

Kepler’s laws of planetary motion. Laws of Gravitation - the universal law of gravitation. Acceleration due to gravity and its variation with altitude and depth. Gravitational Forces. Gravitational potential energy and Field; Escape velocity, orbital velocity of a satellite. Geostationary satellites. Motion of planets and satellites in circular orbits.

Physics Practice Questions MCQs: Gravitation
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) – Set 1 (Q. No. 1 - 10)
Question 1: Satellite is revolving around earth. If it’s radius of orbit is increased to 4 times of the radius of geostationary satellite, what will become its time period:
a. 8 days    b. 4 days    c. 2 days     d. 16 days

Question 2: Which of the following quantities related to planets remains same during their motion in elliptical orbits as seen from the sun?
a. Angular speed    b. Speed    c. Kinetic energy    d. Angular momentum

Question 3: The value of G depends upon
a. The mass of bodies               b. The medium between the bodies
c. The temperature of bodies    d. It is an independent constant

Question 4: The gravitational force between two stones of mass 1 kg each separated by a distance of 1 metre in vacuum is –
a. Zero    b. 6.675 x 10-5 newton    c. 6.675 x 10-11 newton    d. 6.675 x 10-8 newton

Question 5: A body of mass ‘m’ taken from the earth’s surface to the height equal to twice the radius (R) of the earth. The change in potential energy of body will be
India Study Solution - Gravitation: Physics MCQs image

Question 6: If radius of earth is R then the height h at which the value of g becomes one-fourth is:
a. 2R    b. 3R    c. R    d. 4R

Question 7: A planet moves faster at
a. Aphelion    b. Perihelion   c. Focus    d. It travels with uniform speed

Question 8: An object is placed at a distance of R/2 from the centre of earth. Knowing mass is distributed uniformly, acceleration of that object due to gravity at that point is: (g = acceleration due to gravity on the surface of earth and R is the radius of earth)
a. g    b. 2g    c. g/2    d. none of these

Question 9: Find the false statement
a. Gravitational force acts along the line joining the two interacting particles  
b. Gravitational force is independent of medium
c. Gravitational force forms an action-reaction pair                                          
d. Gravitational force does not obey the principle of superposition

Question 10: A geostationary satellite is orbiting the earth at a height of 5R above that surface of the earth, R being the radius of the earth. The time period of another satellite in hours at a height of 2R from the surface of the earth is image

Gravitation - Solved Practice Questions / Test Series
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