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Physics MCQ test series (each set containing 10 unique practice questions with solutions) on “Units, Dimensions, Measurements and Error Analysis” to prepare for IITJEE, AIPMT other national and state level engineering and medical Joint Entrance Exams, BTech, MBBS, BDS Admission Tests ISAT (IIST Admission Test) and other competitive examinations.

Units, Dimensions, Measurements and Error Analysis for Medical, Engineering Joint Entrance Tests

Syllabus: Units and Dimensions. International System of Units - SI, Fundamental and Derived Units. Dimensional Formulae and Dimensional Equations. Dimensional Analysis and its Applications. Significant figures and rounding off the numbers. Measurement of length, mass, and time. Accuracy, Precision of Instruments and error analysis. 
Physics: Units, Dimensions, Measurements and Error Analysis
Question 11: A new unit of length is chosen such that the speed of light in vacuum is unity. What is the distance between the sun and the earth in terms of the new unit, if light takes 8 min and 20 s to cover this distance?
a. 300    b. 400    c. 500    d. 600

Question 12: The dimensional formula for relative refractive index is
a. [M1L1T1]    b. [M0L0T0]
c. [M1L0T0]    d. [MLT-1]

Question 13: The pitch of a screw gauge having 50 divisions on its circular scale is 1 mm. When the two jaws of the screw gauge are in contact with each other, the zero of the circular scale lies 6 division below the line of graduation. When a wire is placed between the jaws, 3 linear scale divisions are clearly visible while 31st division on the circular scale coincide with the reference line. The diameter of the wire is:
a. 3.62 mm    b. 3.50 mm     c. 3.5 mm   d. 3.74 mm

Question 14: Which of the following has the dimensions of pressure?
a. [MLT2]     b. [ML-1T-2]
c. [ML-2T-2]  d. [M-1L-1]
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a. atmosphere    b. dynes per square cm
c. pascal             d. bar

Question 16: Which of the following is not the unit of surface tension:
a. N/m       b. J/m2
c. kg/s2         d. none of these

Question 17: The focal power of a lens has the dimensions
a. [L]    b. [ML2T-3]
c. [L-1]  d. [MLT-3]

Question 18: A student measures the distance traversed in free fall of a body, initially at rest, in a given time. He uses this data to estimate g, the acceleration due to gravity. If the maximum percentage errors in measurement of the distance and the time are e1 and e2 respectively, the percentage error in the estimation of g is
a. e2 – e1    b. e1 + 2e2            
c. e1 + e2  d. e1 – 2e2                         

Question 19: The density of a cube is measured by measuring its mass and length of its sides. If the maximum error in the measurement of mass and lengths are 3% and 2% respectively, the maximum error in the measurement of density would be
a.12%    b. 14%
c.7%      d. 9%

Question 20: The M.K.S.A. system was first introduced by
a. Archimedes    b. Galileo
c. Newton           d. Giorgi

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