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Free online preparation for NEET, IITJEE, AIPMT, NAT, COMEDK, JIPMER | Practice Questions Test Series | Physics - Gravitation


Physics MCQ test series and practice questions from the chapter “Gravitation”. Prepare for IITJEE, NEET, MBBS and Engineering Admission Tests, all national and state level joint entrance tests.

India Study Solution - Physics MCQ Test Series and Practice Questions on Gravitation

Syllabus: Kepler’s laws of planetary motion. Laws of Gravitation - the universal law of gravitation. Acceleration due to gravity and its variation with altitude and depth. Gravitational Forces. Gravitational potential energy and Field; Escape velocity, orbital velocity of a satellite. Geostationary satellites. Motion of planets and satellites in circular orbits.

Physics Practice Questions MCQs: Gravitation
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) – Set 2 (Q. No. 11 - 20)

Question 11: If a planet consists of a satellite whose mass and radius were both half that of the earth, the acceleration due to gravity at its surface would be:

Question 12: Which of the following graphs between the square of the time period and cube of the distance of the planet from the sun is correct? image

Question 13: Force of gravity is least at
a. The equator                                      
b. The poles
c. A point in between equator and any pole  
d. None of these

Question 14: Which of the following is the evidence to show that there must be a force acting on earth and directed towards the sun?
a. Deviation of falling bodies towards east
b. Revolution of the earth around the sun
c. Apparent motion of the sun round the earth
d. Phenomenon of day and night

Question 15: A particle of mass ‘m’ is kept at rest at a height 3R from the surface of earth, where ‘R’ is radius of earth and ‘M’ is mass of earth. The minimum speed with which it should be projected, so that it does not return back, is -
(g is acceleration due to gravity on the surface of earth)

Question 16: For a satellite in elliptical orbit which of the following quantities does not remain constant:
a. Angular momentum    b. Momentum    c. Areal velocity    d. Total energy

Question 18: The acceleration due to gravity at pole and equator can be related as –
India Study Solution - Free online physics MCQ on Gravitation image

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