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Diversity in The Living World - Biological Classification (Syllabus)

What is Living? Taxonomic Categories. Taxonomical Aids. Biodiversity; Three domains of life; Concept of species and taxonomical hierarchy; Binomial nomenclature; Tools for study of Taxonomy – Museums, Zoos, Herbaria, Botanical gardens.
Need for classification; Taxonomy & Systematics and Binomial system of nomenclature. Kingdom Systems of Classification.  Classification from two Kingdoms to five Kingdom Systems. Major groups of each Kingdom along with their silent features (Monera, including Archaebacteria, Cyanobacteria and Bacteria, Protista - Dinoflagilates and Diatoms, Fungi, Plantae, Animalia): Viruses, Lichens. Kingdom: Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Animalia. Viruses. Viroids.
The Living World and Biological Classification
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) – Set 3 (Q. No. 21 - 30)
Question 21: Which of the following is not a category?
a. Aves    b. Class    c. Phylum    d. Genus

Question 22: Sexual reproduction is absent in
a. Xanthophyta    b. Cyanophyta    c. Chlorophyta    d. Rhodophyta

Question 23: Which category comes after phylum and before order?
a. Genus    b. Family    c. Class    d. Species

Question 24: True statement is –
a. Taxonomic key based on contrasting characters
b. Indented key used to separate a taxon
c. Bracketed key used to identification with the help of sequential contrasting characters
d. All

Question 25: Primitive type of DNA transfer occurs during sexual reproduction in
a. Bacteria    b. Fungi    c. Slime moulds    d. Cyanobacteria

Question 26: Nitrogen fixation is performed by
a. Green algae and fungi
b. Ferns and cycads
c. Legumes and cereals
d. Blue-green algae and bacteria

Question 27: In an artificial system of classification
a. Correlated characters are more important
b. Physiological characters relied upon
c. A large number of characters are taken into consideration
d. Only one or a few morphological characters are considered

Question 28: Organisms grouped under kingdom Protista can be described as:
a. Chemosynthetic prokaryotes
b. Unicellular eukaryotes
c. Multicellular heterotrophs
d. Unicellular autotrophs

Question 29: Which of the following is not a result of cell division?
a. Growth    b. Repair    c. Metabolism    d. Reproduction

Question 30: Algae differ from bryophytes in having
a. Chl a and b
b. Naked sex organs
c. Jacketed sex organs
d. Aerobic respiration

India Study Solution
Biology: The Living World and Biological Classification
Solutions of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) – Set 3 (Q. No. 21 – 30)

Answer 21: (a).   Answer 22: (b).   Answer 23: (c).   Answer 24: (d).   Answer 25: (a).   Answer 26: (d).   Answer 27: (d).   Answer 28: (b).   Answer 29: (c).   Answer 30: (b).

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