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Periodic Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties | India Study Solution


Periodic Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

Solved Questions Bank and MCQ Test Series – Set 4 (Q. No 31-40)

Fully solved practice questions (MCQ Test Series) for on Classification of Elements, Periodic Table and Periodicity in Properties for IIT JEE, NEET, Class 12 Board Exams and other competitions.

Chemistry Test Series: Periodic Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

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India Study Solution Test Series – Set 4 (Q. No. 31-40)

Question 31: In which of the following compound Mn shows minimum radius?
a. MnO2    b. KMnO4    c. MnO   d. None of these

Question 32: The values of IE(I), IE(II), IE(III), and IE(IV), of an atom are respectively 7.5 eV, 25.6 eV, 48.6 eV and 170.6 eV. The electronic configuration of the atom will be:
a. 1s2, 2s2, 2p6, 3s1          b. 1s2, 2s2, 2p6, 3s2, 3p1
c. 1s2, 2s2, 2p6, 3s2, 3p3    d. 1s2, 2s2, 2p6, 3s2

Question 33: The total number of elements known are:
a. 92    b. 117    c. 100    d. 118

Question 34: With which of the following electronic configuration an atom has the lowest ionization enthalpy?
a. 1s2, 2s2, 2p3   b.1s2, 2s2, 2p5, 3s1
c. 1s2, 2s2, 2p6     d. 1s2, 2s2, 2p5

Question 35: The longest and shortest periods are
a. 1 & 6    b. 2 & 6    c. 6 & 1    d. 1 & 7

Question 36: Pick the incorrect statement about the factors affecting ionization energy
a. Half-filled or full-filled atomic orbitals have high ionization energy
b. More is the shielding of valence electrons more is the ionization energy
c. Larger is the atomic radii lower is ionization energy
d. Ionization enthalpy  effective nuclear charge

Question 37: Which of the following statements is INCORRECT?
a. Generally the radius trend and the ionization energy trend across a period are opposites
b. Metallic and covalent radii of potassium are 2.3 Å and 2.03 Å respectively
c. Amongst Li-, Be-, B- and C-, Li- is least stable ion
d. Atomic and ionic radii of Niobium and Tantalum are almost same

Question 38: Which of the following has largest radius?
a. O2-   b. Mg2+   c. Na+   d. F-

Question 39: Among the following Ca, Mg, P and Cl, the order of increasing atomic radii is
a. Mg < Ca < Cl < P   b. Cl < P < Mg < Ca
c. P < Cl < Ca < Mg   d. Ca < Mg < P < Cl

Question 40: The starting element of fifth period is
a. K   b. Rb   c. Kr   d. Xe

Periodic Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
Hint & Solutions of Test Series Questions Set 4 (Q. No. 31 - 40)

Answer 31: (b) (Hint: IAs oxidation state of central metal ion increases, the electron to proton ratio decreases and therefore, size of ion decreases. In KMnO4, Mn is in + 7 O.S. So, due to maximum +ve charge radius will be lowest)
Answer 32: (b) Answer 33: (b) Answer 34: (b) Answer 35: (c) Answer 36: (b)
Answer 37: (c)
[Hint: a. Across the period, size decreases as electrons are added in the same shell and nuclear charge increases by one unit for addition of each successive element. In contrary, the ionization energy increases as size of atom decreases and nuclear charge increases. 
b. rmetallic > rcovalent (covalent bond formation involves the overlapping of orbitals). 
c. 3Li- - 1s2 2s2 completely filled stable configuration, so more stable. 4Be- - 1s2 2s2 2p1. 5B- - 1s2 2s2 2p2. 6C- - 1s2 2s2 2p3 half-filled stable configuration, so more stable.
d. Due to lanthanide contraction]
Answer 38: (a)  Answer 39: (b)  Answer 40: (b)

 Classification of Elements, Periodic Table - Practice Questions Bank | Test Series  

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