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Physics Objective Questions: Projectile Motion - Solved Test Series for preparation of Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams, JEE


Physics expected objective questions, test series with solutions for preparation Medical and Dental Entrance Exams, Engineering Entrance Exams; all JEE, NEET preparation, IIT JEE, and other such competitive exams.
Projectile Motion; Projectile Motion in an inclined plane; Relative Motion between two Projectiles; Motion in two dimensions; Cases of Uniform Velocity and Uniform Acceleration-Projectile Motion; Motion of objects in three dimensional space

Physics Guide: Projectile Motion

Multiple Choice Questions – Set 2 (Q. No. 11-20)

Question 11: two stones having different masses m1 and m2 are projected at an angle α and (900 – α) with same speed from same point. The ratio of their maximum heights is:
a. 1 : 1
b. 1 : tan α
c. tan α : 1
d. tan2 α : 1

Question 12: In the motion of a projectile freely under gravity its –
a. Total energy is conserved
b. Momentum is conserved
c. Energy and momentum both are conserved
d. None is conserved

Question 13: At the maximum height of a projectile, the velocity and acceleration are –
a. Parallel to each other
b. Anti-parallel to each other
c. Perpendicular to each other
d. Inclined to each other at 450

Question 14: A projectile is thrown with speed 40 ms-1 at angle θ from horizontal. It is found that projectile is at same height at 1s and 3s. What is the angle of projection?
a. tan-1 (1/√2)
b. tan-1 (1/3)
c. tan-1 (√3)
d. tan-1 (√2)

Question 15: A person standing at some distance from a high tree, throws a stone taking aim at a fruit hanging from that tree, and at the same instant of time the fruit begins to fall freely. Of the following statement which is correct?
a. The stone always remains above the falling fruit
b. The stone strikes the fruit if the stone is thrown with a definite minimum velocity
c. The stone moves below the falling stone
d. The stone always hits the fruit

Question 16: The maximum height attained by a projectile is increased by 10% by increasing its speed of projection, without changing the angle of projection. The percentage increase in the horizontal range will be:
a. 20%
b. 15%
c. 10%
d. 5%

Question 17: A bomb is dropped from an aeroplane moving horizontally at constant speed. When air resistance is taken into consideration, the bomb –
a. Falls to earth exactly below the aeroplane
b. Falls to earth behind the aeroplane
c. Falls to earth ahead of the aeroplane
d. Flies with the aeroplane

Question 18: A stone is just dropped from the window of a train moving along a horizontal straight track with uniform speed. The path of the stone is –
a. A parabola for an observer standing by the side of the track
b. A horizontal straight line for an observer inside the train
c. Both of the above are true
d. None of the above is true

Question 19: In a typical projectile motion: image
Tangential acceleration at the top most point P of the trajectory is:
a. g
b. g cos θ
c. zero
d. None of these

Question 20: A ball is thrown at an angle θ with the horizontal. Its horizontal range is equal to its maximum height. This is possible only when the value of tan θ is:
a. 4
b. 2
c. 1
Projectile Motion - Physics Objective Questions and Solved Test Series 

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