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Free online solved Test Series on Units, Dimensions, Measurements and Error Analysis - Physics questions answers for IITJEE, NEET


Physics MCQ Test Series with solutions (each set having 10 solved practice questions) on “Units, Dimensions, Measurements and Error Analysis” to prepare online for IITJEE, AIPMT, NEET, Medical and Engineering Joint Entrance Exams and other competitive examinations.

Physics Guide for NEET, IITJEE: Units, Dimensions, Measurements and Error Analysis (Syllabus)

Syllabus Topics: Units and Dimensions. International System of Units - SI, Fundamental and Derived Units. Dimensional Formulae and Dimensional Equations. Dimensional Analysis and its Applications. Significant figures and rounding off the numbers. Measurement of length, mass, and time. Accuracy, Precision of Instruments and error analysis. 

Physics: Units, Dimensions, Measurements and Error Analysis

MCQ Test Series – Set 3 (Q No 21-30) image

Question 21: In which of the following numerical values, all zeroes are significant?
a. 0.2020    b. 20.2    c. 20.20    d. none of these

Question 22: The damping force on an oscillator is directly proportional to the velocity. The units of the constant of proportionality are
a. kgs-1          b.kgs
c. kgms-1    d. kgms-2

Question 23: In an experiment the angles are required to be measured using an instrument. 29 divisions of the main scale exactly coincide with the 30 divisions of the vernier scale. If the smallest division of the main scale is half-a-degree (0.5 , then the least count of the instrument is:
a. half minute     b. one degree
c. half degree     d. one minute

Question 24: Which pair do not have equal dimensions?
a. Energy and torque                                         b. Force and impulse   
c. Angular momentum and Planck’s constant   d. Elastic modulus and pressure

Question 25: Pick out the right choice S2 = at4. Here S is measured in meters, t in second. Then the unit of ‘a’ is-
a. ms-2     b. ms2
c. m2s4       d. m2s-4
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Question 26: With usual notation, the following equation, said to give the distance covered in the nth second, i.e., Sn = u + a {(2n – 1)/2}  is:
a. numerically correct only     b. dimensionally correct only     c. both dimensionally and numerically only     d. neither numerically nor dimensionally correct 

Question 27: If the units of ML are doubled then the unit of kinetic energy will become – 
Other Topics from this Chapter
Dimensions, Dimensional Formulae, Dimensional Equation
Dimensional Analysis and its Applications

a. 8 times    b. 16 times
c. 4 times    d. 2 times

Question 28:The values of two resistors are (5.0 ± 0.2) kΩ and (10.0 ± 0.1) kΩ. What is the percentage error in the equivalent resistance when they are connected in parallel?
a. 2%      b. 5%
c. 7%      d. 10%

Question 29:The dimensions of RC is
a. Square of time   b. Square of inverse time
c. Time                  d. Inverse time

Question 30: The velocity of a particle depends upon time according to the relation v = αt + b/(t+g). The dimensions of α, β and  will be -
a. LT-2, L, T      b. L, T, LT-2
c. T, L, LT-2      d. LT-1, L, T

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