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Biology Solved Objective Questions, MCQ Test Series for NEET, AIPMT: Reproduction in Organisms


Biology solved objective questions, MCQ test series for preparing NEET, medical entrance exams, dental and MBBS Admission Tests, AIPMT, NEST and many other competitions.      
Solved objective questions MCQ from some of these topics covered (hints / solutions given at the end)
Reproduction in Organisms (Syllabus)
Reproduction, a characteristic feature of all organisms for continuation of species; Modes of reproduction – Asexual and sexual; Asexual reproduction; Modes-Binary fission, sporulation, budding, gemmule, fragmentation; vegetative propagation in plants.

Biology Solutions : Reproduction in Organisms
India Study Solution MCQ Test Series – Set 2 (Q. No. 11-20) - representative image

Question 11: Isogametes are present in –
a. Fucus
b. Cladophora
c. Frog
d. Bird

Question 12: Which type of reproduction is common in multicellular animals with relatively simple organisations?
a. Binary fission
b. Parthenogenesis
c. Sexual reproduction
d. Asexual reproduction

Question 13: Vegetative propagation in mint occurs by –
a. Sucker
b. Runner
c. Offset
d. Rhizome

Question 14: The technique of obtaining large number of plantlets by tissue culture method is called –
a. Plantlet culture
b. Organ culture
c. Micropropagation
d. Macropropoagation

Question 15: Vegetative propagation in Pistia occurs by –
a. Stolen
b. Offset
c. Runner
d. Sucker

Question 16: Anisogamy means fusion of dissimilar gametes. It is found in –
a. Man
b. Earthworm
c. Pila
d. All of these

Question 17:Which of the following events occurs in the zygote during embryogenesis?
a. Cell division
b. Cell differentiation
c. Repeated meiotic divisions
d. Both a and b

Question 18:In grafting stock and scion ought to be joined –
a. Phloem to phloem
b. Xylem to xylem
c. Pith to pith
d. Cambium to cambium

Question 19: Find odd one out w.r.t. plants where grafting is performed –
a. Mango
b. Citrus
c. Apple
d. Sugarcane

Question 20:Male gametes in angiosperms are formed by the division of:
a. Vegetative cell
b. Microspore mother cell
c. Microspore
d. Generative cell

India Study Solution - Biology Objective Questions with Solutions
biology MCQ Test Series: reproduction in organisms
Solutions of Biology Test Series Questions – Set 2 (Q. No. 11 – 20)
Answer 11: (b).   Answer 12: (d).   Answer 13: (a).   Answer 14: (c).   Answer 15: (b).   Answer 16: (d).   Answer 17: (d).   Answer 18: (d).   Answer 19: (d).   Answer 20: (d).

 Reproduction in Organisms - More Objective Questions 

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