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Projectile Motion - MCQ test series with solutions | Prepare Physics for NEET, IIT JEE, MBBS and B Tech entrance exams


Physics solved MCQ test series, questions answers expected in NEET, IIT JEE, Medical Entrance Exams, Engineering Entrance Exams; B Tech Admission, MBBS Admission Tests and other such competitive exams.
Practice questions answers from some of these topics (Projectile Motion - Syllabus):
Projectile Motion; Projectile Motion in an inclined plane; Relative Motion between two Projectiles; Motion in two dimensions; Cases of Uniform Velocity and Uniform Acceleration-Projectile Motion; Motion of objects in three dimensional space

Physics Test Series: Projectile Motion

Multiple Choice Questions – Set 3 (Q. No. 21-30)

Question 21: A projectile has –
a. Minimum velocity at the point of projection and maximum at the maximum height
b. Maximum at the point of projection and minimum at the maximum height
c. Same velocity at any point in its path
d. Zero velocity at the maximum height irrespective of the velocity of projection

Question 22: A ball is thrown at an angle of 300 to the horizontal. It falls on the ground at a distance of 90m. If the ball is thrown with the same initial speed at an angle 300 to the vertical, it will fall on the ground at a distance of –
a. 120 m
b. 27 m
c. 90 m
d. 30 m

Question 23: At the top of the trajectory of a projectile, the directions of its velocity and acceleration are:
a. Parallel to each other
b. Anti-parallel to each other
c. Inclined to each other at an angle of 450
d. Perpendicular to each other

Question 24: For a projectile, the physical quantity that remains constant is –
a. Vertical component of velocity and kinetic energy
b. Potential energy and kinetic energy
c. Horizontal component of velocity and acceleration
d. Potential energy and acceleration

Question 25: In the motion of a projectile freely under gravity, its:
a. Total energy is conserved
b. Momentum is conserved
c. Energy and momentum both are conserved
d. None is conserved

Question 26: A projectile is thrown with a speed v at an angle θ with the vertical. Its average velocity between the instants it crosses half the maximum height is –
a. V sin θ, horizontal and in the plane of projection
b. V cos θ, horizontal and in the plane of projection
c. 2v sin θ, horizontal and perpendicular to the plane of projection
d. 2v cos θ, vertical and in the plane of projection

Question 27: A ball is thrown up with a certain velocity at an angle θ to the horizontal. The kinetic energy KE of the ball varies with height h as: - image

Question 28: A ball is projected with velocity 80 m/s and an angle 300 from horizontal the range will be –
a. 562 m
b. 286 m
c. 188 m
d. 1130 m

Question 29: A solid sphere and a hollow sphere are thrown horizontally from a cliff with equal velocities respectively. Then which sphere reaches first on earth?
a. Solid sphere
b. Hollow sphere
c. Both spheres simultaneously
d. We cannot say because masses of spheres are not given.

Question 30: Two projectiles of same mass and with same velocity are thrown at an angle 600 and 300 with the horizontal, then which will remain same –
a. Time of flight
b. Range of projectile
c. Max height acquired

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