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Solved Physics Practice Questions and Test Series for NTSE, KVPY, Medical and Engineering Entrance Exams from chapter Work, Energy and Power


Work, Energy and Power - Solved MCQ Test Series

Here you get carefully prepared 10 MCQ Practice Questions (Q.No.31 - 40) in each India Study Solution Test Series with hints & solutions (given at the end) from the Physics chapter - Work, Energy and Power.
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Practising with our test series questions will certainly enhance your level of confidence for NEET-UG, JEE Main & Advanced (IIT) AIIMS, JIPMER, COMEDK, WBJEE, MBBS Admission Tests, Engineering Entrance Exams, NEST, NTSE, KVPY and other such competitive exams.
Solved MCQ Test Series – Set 4 (Q. No. 31-40) for IIT JEE, NEET, KVPY, NTSE
Question 31: A boy is swinging on a swing such that his lowest and highest positions are at heights of 2m and 4.5m respectively. His velocity at the lowest position is,
a. 2.5ms–1   b. 7ms–1
c. 14ms–1    d. 20ms–1

Question 32: The kinetic energy of a body of mass 2 kg and momentum of 2 Ns is,
a. 1J   b. 2J   c. 3J   d. 4J  

Question 33: The diagram below shows Potential Energy vs Displacement curve for one dimensional conservative field. Force at points ‘A’ and ‘B’ are respectively -
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a. Positive, Positive
b. Negative, Positive
c. Negative, Negative
d. Positive, Negative  

Question 34: A particle, which is constrained to move along the x-axis, is subjected to a force in the same direction which varies with the distance ‘x’ of the particle from the origin as F(x) = –kx + ax3.
Here ‘k’ and ‘a’ are positive constants. For x ≥ 0, the functional form of the potential energy U(x) of the particle is,

Question 35: A solid cylinder of mass 3kg is rolling on a horizontal surface with velocity 4 m/s. It collides with a horizontal spring of force constant 200N/m. The maximum compression produced in the spring will be -  
a. 0.7m      b. 0.2m
c. 0.5m      d. 0.6m

Question 36: A pump of 200W power is lifting 2kg water per second from an average depth of 10m. The velocity with which the water comes out of the pump is, (g = 9.8 ms–2)
a. 2 ms–1    b. 2.5 ms–1
c. 4 ms–1    d. 3 ms–1  

Question 37: Two particles of masses ‘m’ and ‘2m’ have same momentum. If the kinetic energies of the two particles are E1 and E2 respectively then what should the ratio of E1 : E2
a. 1 : 2     b. 2 : 1
c. 1 : √2   d. 1 : 4
Question 38: The kinetic energy (K) of a body of mass ‘m’ moving along a circle of radius ‘r’ depends on  the distance covered by the body as, K = as2, where ‘a’ is a constant. The centripetal force acting on the body as a function of ‘s’ is -
a. 2as2/r      b. 2as/r
c. as2/r        d. 4as2/r  

Question 39: If a force ‘F’ is applied on a body and it moves with a velocity ‘v’ the power will be,
a. Fv   b. F/v   c. F/v2   d. Fv2  

Question 40: A shell is fired from cannon, which explodes in mid air, then -
a. its total KE increases
b. its total momentum increases
c. its total momentum decreases
d. there will be no change in momentum or KE
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India Study Solution
Physics Solution : Work, Energy and Power
Solutions of Physics MCQ Test Series – Set 4 (Q. No.31–40)
Answer 31: b. Answer 32: a. (Hint: KE = p2/2m = 1).
Answer 33: a. Answer 34: d.
Answer 35: d. Answer 36: a.
Answer 37: b (Hint: e = p2/(2m). Since, momenta of the two particles are same,
then E ยต 1/m.
Now, E1 : E2 = m2 : m1 = 2 : 1).
Answer 38: b. Answer 39: a. Answer 40: a.

 Work, Energy and Power  - More Practice Questions, Test Series 

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