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Diversity in The Living World
Topics (Syllabus): Plant Kingdom | Classification of Plants | Plant Life Cycles and Alternation of Generations 
Salient features, treatment of Plant Kingdom. Classification of plants into major groups - Algae, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and Angiosperms (three to five salient and distinguishing features and at least two examples of each category). Angiosperms - classification up to class, characteristic features and examples). Ulothrix and Spirogyra. Albugo. Mucor, Rhizopus and Yeast. Ricca and Funaria. Pteridium and Selaginella. Cycas and Pinus. Plant Life Cycles and Alternation of Generations. 

Biology Objective Questions : Practice Questions Answers

India Study Solution Test Series – Set 3 (Q. No.21 - 30)

Question 21: Sulphur shower is caused by
a. Release of pollens from Pinus male cones in conifer forest
b. Acid rains
c. Sulphur deposition
d. None of the above

Question 22: Rhizopore of Selaginella is –
a. Root
b. Stem
c. New organ or organ sui-generis
d. None of these

Question 23: Floridian starch is found in –
a. Chlorophyceae
b. Rhodophyceae
c. Cyanophyceae
d. Chrysophyceae

Question 24: Calyptra is formed from
a. Spore
b. Oospore
c. Venter
d. Archaegonium

Question 25: Compared with the gametophytes of the bryophytes, the gametophytes of vascular plants tend to be
a. Smaller and to have smaller sex organs
b. Smaller but to have larger sex organs
c. Larger but to have smaller sex organs
d. Larger and to have larger sex organs

Question 26: In Pinus, male cone bears a large number of
a. Microsporophylls
b. Ligules
c. Megasporophylls
d. Anthers

Question 27: In bryophytes
a. Both generations are independent
b. Gametophytes are dependent upon sporophytes
c. Sporophytes are always autotrophic
d. Sporophytes are dependent upon gametophytes

Question 28: Brown hair found at the base of Pteris leaves are
a. Modified stipules
b. Modified leaflets
c. Ramenta
d. Spines

Question 29: The smallest plant group gymnosperm has how many species?
a. 640    b. 300    c. 1000    d. 900

Question 30: In which gymnosperm, archegonia are absent
a. Gnetum
b. Welwischia
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above

India Study Solution
Diversity in the Living World - Plant Kingdom | Plants Classification Features
Solutions of ISS Test Series – Set 3 (Q.No.21 – 30)

Answer 21: (a).   Answer 22: (c).   Answer 23: (b).   Answer 24: (c).   Answer 25: (a).   Answer 26: (a).   Answer 27: (d).   Answer 28: (b).   Answer 29: (d).   Answer 30: (c).

Plant Kingdom | Classification of Plants into Groups with Features | Plant Life Cycles  - More Questions, Solved Test Series 

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