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Biology Objective Questions Test Series - Plant Kingdom and Classification of Plants


Free online solved Biology objective questions (MCQ) test series and practice questions on Plant Kingdom and Classification of Plants for various competitive examinations, NEET, AIPMT, MCAT, NEST, admission tests.

Diversity in The Living World - Plant Kingdom and Classification of Plants Classification of Plants image
Biology MCQ : Biology Objective Questions : Practice Test Series with Solutions
India Study Solution Test Series – Set 2 (Q. No.11 - 20)

Question 11: Horse tails are a group of
a. Algae    b. Gymnosperms    c. Pteridophytes   
d. Bryophytes

Question 12: In which fact Albugo is similar to animals
a. In being parasitic
b. In movement
c. In reserve food
d. In reproduction

Question 13: After germination the megaspore give rise to
a. Female gametophyte
b. Antheridia
c. Male gametophyte
d. Antherozoid

Question 14: What is the common name of Sphagnum?
a. Peat moss
b. Trough moss
c. Bog moss
d. All the above

Question 15: The black rust of wheat is a fungal disease caused by –
a. Albugo candida
b. Puccinia graminis tritici
c. Ustilago nuda
d. Cleviceps purpurea

Question 16: Canada balsam is obtained from
a. Pinus excels
b. Abies balsemia
c. Cedrus deodara
d. Junipers

Question 17: Bread mould is the common name of
a. Batrachospermum
b. Rhizopus
c. Agaricus
d. Bacillus

Question 18: Cytotaxonomy is connected with
a. Chemical composition of cytoplasm
b. Cell organelles
c. Cytochromes
d. Shape and size of cells

Question 19: What is necessary for seed formation?
a. Heterospory
b. Growth of the megaspore within sporangium
c. Both of above
d. Growth of microspore within the sporangium

Question 20: Viruses posses
a. Ribosomes to synthesise protein
b. Organelles for its vital mechanisms
c. Either DNA or RNA
d. None of these

India Study Solution
Biology: Diversity in the Living World - Plant Kingdom, Classification of Plants
Solutions of India Study Solution MCQ Test Series – Set 2 (Q.No.11 – 20)

Answer 11: (c).   Answer 12: (c).   Answer 13: (a).   Answer 14: (d).   Answer 15: (b).    Answer 16: (b).   Answer 17: (b).   Answer 18: (b).   Answer 19: (c).   Answer 20: (c).

Plant Kingdom and Classification of Plants  - More Objective Questions, Test Series with Solutions
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