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NEET (AIIMS), MCAT - MCQ Test Series | Transportation in Plants | Mineral Nutrients | Plant Physiology


 PLANT PHYSIOLOGY (Transport in Plants, Mineral Nutrition)
Botany India Study Solution Test Series 

(Practice Questions Test Series)


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In this solved MCQ test series we will be posting for you new sets of practice questions from Botany: Plant Physiology - Transport in Plants and Mineral Nutrition.

Each set comprising carefully selected, 10 MCQ questions with answers and hints (given at the end) from our Biology Solutions.

As you are aware India Study Solution test series comprises of some basic and also advanced level questions very helpful in the preparation of NEET-UG (AIIMS, AFMC, JIPMER), MCAT, MBBS Admission Tests and other such competitive exams.

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Botany Practice Questions: Plant Physiology

(Transport in Plants and Mineral Nutrition)

India Study Solution MCQ Test Series – Set 2 (Q. No 11-20)

Plant Physiology (Transport in Plants, Mineral Nutrition): more questions

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Question 11: Diffusion is a ______ process and is not dependent on ______.

a. Slow, gradient of concentration

b. Slow, living system

c. rapid, temperature

d. Rapid, pressure


Question 12: The growth regulator that retards ageing of plant organs is

a. Auxin

b. Gibberellins

c. Cytokinin

d. Abscisic acid


Question 13: A plant requires magnesium for

a. Protein synthesis

b. Chlorophyll synthesis

c. Cell wall development

d. Holding cells together


Question 14: D.P.D. stands for

a. Diffusion pressure deficit

b. Diffusion pressure demand

c. Daily photosynthetic depression

d. Daily phosphorus demand


Question 15: Water is required by plants for

a. Seed germination

b. Maintaining their temperature

c. Photosynthesis

d. All of these


Question 16: Guard cells help in

a. Fighting against infection

b. Protection against grazing

c. Transpiration

d. Guttation


Question 17: Which of the following elements is a constituent of biotin?

a. Sulphur

b. Magnesium

c. Calcium

d. Phosphorus


Question 18: Root cap has no role in water absorption because

a. It has no direct connection with the vascular system

b. It has loosely arranged cells

c. It has not cells containing chloroplasts

d. It has no root hairs


Question 19: Plant seeds when sown in soil, germinate and come out of it; due to

a. Turgor pressure

b. Imbibtion pressure

c. Osmotic pressure

d. Atmospheric pressure


Question 20: Which of the following one is a free living nitrogen fixing aerobic bacterium?

a. Clostridium

b. Rhizobium

c. Azotobacter

d. Rhodospirillum


India Study Solution - Answers of Biology Botany MCQ Test Series


(Transport in Plants and Mineral Nutrition)

Solutions of Botany Test Series – Set 2 (Q. No.11–20)

Answer 11: b. Answer 12: c. Answer 13: b. Answer 14: a. Answer 15: d. Answer 16: c. Answer 17: a. Answer 18: d. Answer 19: b. Answer 20: c.

Plant Physiology (Transport in Plants, Mineral Nutrition): 
 More questions to follow

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