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Electrostatics : Physics Multiple Choice Questions with Hints and Solutions for JEE, NEET, MCAT



Physics Multiple Choice Questions with Hints and Solutions for preparation : Engineering (JEE), Medical (NEET), MCAT (Medical College Admission Test)

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Here is your next Test Series a set of 10 most important solved questions (Q. No. 41-50) for NEET, MCAT and JEE from Electrostatics in Physics with their hints & solutions.

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India Study Solution Test Series – Set 5 (Q. No 41-50)

Question 41: Two electrons separated by distance ‘r’ experience a force F between them. The force between a proton and a singly ionized helium atom separated by distance 2r is

a. 4F

b. 2F

c. F/2

d. F/4

Question 42: A positive point charge Q is kept (as shown in the figure) inside a neutral conducting shell whose centre is at C. An external uniform electric field E is applied. Then:

a. Force on Q due to E is zero

b. Net force on Q is zero

c. Net force acting on Q and conducting shell considered as a system is zero

d. Net force acting on the shell due to E is zero.

Question 43: Electric potential at a point P, r distance away due to a point charge q at point A is V. If twice of this charge is distributed uniformly on the surface of a hollow sphere of radius 4 r with centre at point A, the potential at point P now is

a. V

b. V/2

c. V/4

d. V/8

Question 44: If E is the electric field intensity of an electrostatic field, then the electrostatic energy density is proportional to:

a. E

b. E2

c. 1/E2

d. E3

Question 45: An α-particle is accelerated from rest through a potential of V volts. Its final kinetic energy is

a. 2 eV

b. 1 eV

c. 4 eV

d. ½ eV

Question 46: When a body is earth connected, electrons from the earth flow into the body. This means the body is initially

a. Unchanged

b. Charged positively

c. Charged negatively

d. An insulator

Question 47: An object is charged with positive charge. The potential at that object will be -

a. positive only

b. negative only

c. zero always

d. may be positive, negative or zero

Question 48: An electron enters into high potential region V2 from lower potential region V1 then its velocity

a. Will increase

b. Will change in direction of field

c. No change in direction of field

d. No change in direction perpendicular to field

Question 49: The work done in slowly moving an electron of charge e and mass m from A to B along a semi-circular path (as shown in the figure) in vertical plane in the field of charge Q is

a. -2 mgr

b. –Qe/r

c. 2mgr + 2Qe/r

d. Zero

Question 50: Four identical charges +50 μC each are placed, one at each corner of a square of side 2m. How much external energy is required to bring another charge of +50 μC from infinity to the centre of the square?

a. 64 J

b. 41 J

c. 16 J

d. 10 J

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 India Study Solution Test Series
(Prepare for JEE, NEET, MCAT)
Hints and Solutions of Physics Electrostatics MCQ Test Series – Set 5 (Q. No.41–50)

Answer 41: c.

Answer 42: d

(Hint: Force on Q due to E is QE and not zero. Force on Q is zero due to E & electric field of induced outer charges on sphere. Charge density on inner surface is not uniform therefore net force on charge Q is not zero. Due to E, net force on shell is zero because net charge on shell is zero.)

Answer 43: b.

Answer 45: a. Answer 46: b. Answer 47: d. Answer 48: a. Answer 49: a.

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