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Atomic Structure | Structure of Atoms - Solved MCQ Test Series for IITJEE, NEET and other Entrance Exams


India Study Solution MCQ Test Series (Multiple Choice Questions) expected in NEET, IIT JEE, Medical and Engineering Entrance Exams; Admission Tests. 
(Click on the link at the end to download Hints and Answers in Pdf format.)

Chemistry MCQ Test Series Objective Questions on Atomic Structure / Structure of Atoms graphicsSub-atomic Particles; Discovery of Fundamental Particles; Cathode Rays; Positive Rays; Rutherford Model; Moseley Experiment - Atomic Number; Isotopes and Isobars; Concept of Shells and Sub-shells; Electromagnetic Radiations; Emission Spectra; Hydrogen Spectrum; Atomic Models; Bohr’s Model of Atom; Sommerfeld’s Extension of Bohr Theory; Dual Nature of Matter and Light; Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle; Wave Mechanical Model of Atom; Concept of Orbital; Quantum Mechanical Model of Atom; Shapes of s, p and d Orbitals; Pauli’s Exclusion Principle; Aufbau Principlr; Hund’s Rule of Maximum Multiplicity (Orbital Diagrams); Electronic Configuration of Elements; Photoelectric Effect; Nuclear Stability; The Whole Number Rule and Packing Fraction; The Magic Numbers.       

Chemistry Objective Questions: Atomic Structure | Structure of Atom
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Test Series) – Set 3 (Q. No.21-30)

Question 21: If the wavelength of an electromagnetic radiation is 2000 Å, what is the energy in ergs?
a. 9.94 x 10-12
b. 9.94 x 10-10
c. 4.97 x 10-12
d. 4.97 x 10-19

Question 22: Who first time ruled out the existence of definite paths of electron?
a. de Broglie
b. Heisenberg
c. Neils Bohr
d. Einstein

Question 23: An atom has x energy level then total number of lines in its spectrum are:
a. 1 + 2 + 3………(x + 1)
b. 1 + 2 + 3………(x)2
c. 1 + 2 + 3………(x – 1)
d. (x + 1) (x + 2) (x + 4)

Question 24: Bohr advanced the idea of:
a. Stationary electrons
b. Stationary nucleus
c. Stationary orbits
d. Elliptical orbits

Question 25: Brackett series is produced when the electrons from outer orbits jump to
a. Third orbit
b. Second orbit
c. Fourth orbit
d. Fifth orbit

Question 26: No. of visible lines when an electron returns from 5th orbit to ground state in H spectrum:
a. 5
b. 4
c. 3
d. 10

Question 27: Who modified Bohr Theory by introducing elliptical orbits for electron path?
a. Hund
b. Thomson
c. Rutherford
d. Sommerfeld

Question 28: The main energy shell in which the electron is present is given by –
a. Principal quantum number
b. Azimuthal quantum number
c. Spin quantum number
d. Magnetic quantum number

Question 29: Which of the following is not permissible?
a. n = 4, l = 3, m = 0
b. n = 4, l = 2, m = 1
c. n = 4, l = 4, m = 1
d. n = 4, l = 0, m = 0

Question 30: The longest wavelength in Balmer series is –
a. 6563 Å
b. 18,650 Å
c. 7700 Å
d. 3,600 Å

India Study Solution - Solved Chemistry Objective Questions
Atomic Structure (Structure of Atom)
Solutions of Multiple Choice Questions Test Series (MCQ) – Set 3 (Q. No. 21 – 30)
Answer 21: (a).   Answer 22: (b).   Answer 23: (c).   Answer 24: (c).   Answer 25: (c).   Answer 26: (c).   Answer 27: (d).   Answer 28: (a).   Answer 29: (c).   Answer 30: (a).

 Atomic Structure | Structure of Atoms - More Practice Questions 

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