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NEET Biology solved test series - Genetics and Evolution


Free Biology online Solution and Guide: MCQ test series with solutions for preparing NEET, AIIMS, AIPMT, MBBS Admission Tests, Medical Entrance Exams, JEE and other competitions.
Solved MCQ Test Series, Practice Questions from topics covered -
Evolution (Genetics and Evolution)
Origin of life; Biological Evolution and Evidences for Biological Evolution from Palaeontology, Comparative Anatomy, Embryology and Molecular Evidence; Darwin’s Contribution, Modern Synthetic theory of Evolution; Mechanism of Evolution-Variation (Mutation and Recombination) and Natural Selection with examples, types of Natural Selection; Gene Flow and Genetic Drift; Hardy-Weinberg’s Principle; Adaptive Radiation; Human Evolution. 

Biology Solution and Guide: Evolution

MCQ Test Series – Set 2 (Q. No.11-20)

Question 11: Which ancestor of man for the first time began the bipedal locomotion?
a. Cro-Magnon man
b. Australopithecus
c. Java-ape man
d. Peking man

Question 12: Oparin’s theory is based on –
a. Artificial synthesis
b. Spontaneous generation
c. God’s creation
d. Panspermia

Question 13: The Darwinian variations are –
a. Small and directionless
b. Random and directional
c. Small and directional
d. Random and directionless

Question 14:Chemical origin of life was experimentally supported by –
a. Oparin and Haldane
b. Urey and Miller
c. Francesco and Spallanzani
d. Thales and Plato

Question 15: Common origin of man and chimpanzee is best shown by –
a. Binocular vision
b. Chromosome number
c. Dental formula
d. Cranial capacity

Question 16: Man (Homo) originated in –
a. Palaeocene
b. Miocene
c. Oligocene
d. Pleistocene

Question 17: Industrial melanism was highlighted by –
a. Mimosa pudica
b. Triticum aestivum
c. Biston betularia
d. Rock python
e. Polar bear

Question 18: 1st life on earth was –
a. Cyanobacteria
b. Chemoheterotrophs
c. Autotrophs
d. Photoautotrophs

Question 19: Who discovered the use of the weapon and tools first?
a. Homo habilis
b. Handy man
c. Both a and b
d. Homo erectus

Question 20: According to Oparin, which one of the following as not present in the primitive atmosphere of the earth?
a. Methane
b. Oxygen
c. Hydrogen
d. Water vapour

India Study Solution
Biology Guide and Solution : Evolution (Genetics and Evolution)
Solutions of Biology Test Series – Set 2 (Q. No.11 – 20)

Answer 11: (b).   Answer 12: (a).   Answer 13: (c).   Answer 14: (b).   Answer 15: (b).   Answer 16: (d).   Answer 17: (c).   Answer 18: (b).   Answer 19: (c).   Answer 20: (b).

 Genetics and Evolution Biology Objective Questions, Test Series 

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