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Circular and Rotational Motions - Solved Physics Test Series, MCQ with Solutions


Physics MCQ Test Series, Objective Questions with hints, solutions expected in Medical and Dental Entrance Exams, Engineering Entrance Exams; JEE, MBBS Admission Tests and such competitive exams.
Practice questions with solutions from some of these topics (randomly selected):
Kinematics of Circular Motion; Dynamics of Uniform Circular Motion; Centripetal Force; Examples: vehicle on level circular road, vehicle on baked track; Angular Velocity and is relation with Linear Velocity; Torque or Moment of Force and Angular Momentum; Laws of Conservation of Angular Momentum; Theorems of perpendicular axes and parallel axes; Kinematics of Rotational Motion about a fixed axis; Rolling Motion; General relation among Position-Velocity-Acceleration for Motion in a plane and Uniform Circular Motion; Centrifugal Force; Motion in a vertical circle; Rotational Motion of a rigid body; Moment of Inertia; Angular Impulse.

Physics solved test series: Circular Motion, Rotational Motion

Multiple Choice Questions – Set 2 (Q No 11-20)

MCQ 11: A spool is pulled horizontally by two equal and opposite forces as shown in the figure. Which of the following statements is correct ? - Circular and Rotational Motions image

a. The centre of mass moves towards left
b. The centre of mass moves towards right
c. The centre of mass remains stationary
d. The net torque about the centre of mass of the spool is zero

MCQ 12: An aeroplane revolves in a circle above the surface of the earth at a fixed height with speed 100 km/hr. The change in velocity after completing ½ revolution will be –
a. 200 km/hr
b. 150 km/hr
c. 300 km/hr
d. 400 km/hr

MCQ 13: Angular momentum of a body is equal to the product of –
a. Moment of inertia and angular velocity
b. Centripetal force and radius
c. Linear velocity and angular velocity
d. Mass and angular velocity

MCQ 14: A car of mass m is taking a circular turn of radius ‘r’ on a frictional level road with a speed v. In order that the car does not skid – - Circular and Rotational Motions image

MCQ 15: A stone tied to the end of a string of 1 m long is whirled in a horizontal circle with a constant speed. If the stone makes 22 revolutions in 44 seconds, what is the magnitude and direction of acceleration of the stone?
a. π2 ms-2 and direction along the radius towards the centre
b. π2 ms-2 and direction along the radius away from the centre
c. π2 ms-2 and direction along the tangent to the circle
d. π2/4 ms-2 and direction along the radius towards the centre

MCQ 16: A particle of mass 2 kg is moving along a circular path of radius 1 m. If its angular speed is 2 π rad s-1, the centripetal force on it is:
a. 4 π N
b. 8 π N
c. 4 π4 N
d. 8 π2 N

MCQ 17: Two identical hollow spheres roll down two inclined planes of same height but of different angles of inclination. Then, they reach the bottom –
a. With same speeds and in same time
b. With different speeds and in different times
c. With same speed but in different times
d. With different speeds in same time

MCQ 18: A mass m is revolving in a vertical circle at the end of a string of length 20 cm. By how much times does the tension of the string at the lowest point exceed the tension at the topmost point –
a. 2 mg
b. 4 mg
c. 6 mg
d. 8 mg

MCQ 19: Work done by friction in case of pure rolling:
a. Is always zero
b. Is always positive
c. Is always negative
d. May be positive, negative or zero

MCQ 20: A car is travelling at 36 kmph on a road. If µ = 0.5 between the tyres and the road, the minimum turning radius of the car is – (g = 10 ms-2)
a. 20m
b. 25m
c. 30m

d. 35m

 Circular Motion and Rotational Motion - More solved MCQ Questions, Test Series 

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