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QUESTION.2: What are the major features of tribal societies?
Solution: Major features tribal societies are -

  • Most of the tribes had customs and rituals quite different from those laid down by Brahmins.
  • These societies did not have sharp social divisions that were characteristic of caste societies.
  • All of them belonged to the same tribe.
  • They thought of themselves as sharing common ties of keen ship.​
  • There were however, social and economic differences within tribes.   

QUESTION.1: When the British noticed the spread of Munda’s movement, what did they do?
Solution: With the spread of Munda’s movement and its acceptance by the people of the region, the British got worried and decided to stop it. They arrested Birsa Munda in 1895, convicted him on charges of rioting and violating law and also sent him to jail.   

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Tribals, Dikus and The Vision of a Golden Age

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