NCERT Solutions of CBSE Class 11 Physics: A CBSE Guide with Notes and Questions Bank -
Chapters 5 and 6

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CBSE Board: Class 11, NCERT Physics Textbook  Contents [3/7]

(NCERT Solutions of CBSE Class 11, Physics – a Complete CBSE Guide with CBSE Questions Bank)


5.1 Introduction
5.2 Aristotle’s Fallacy
5.3 The Law of Inertia
5.4 Newton's First Law of Motion
5.5 Newton's Second Law of Motion
5.6 Newton's Third Law of Motion
5.7 Conservation of Momentum
5.8 Equilibrium of a Particle
5.9 Common Forces in Mechanics
5.10 Circular Motion
5.11 Solving Problems in Mechanics


6.1 Introduction
6.2 Notions of Work and Kinetic Energy: The Work-Energy Theorem
6.3 Work
6.4 Kinetic Energy
6.5 Work done by a Variable Force
6.6 The Work-Energy Theorem for a Variable Force
6.7 The Concept of Potential Energy
6.8 The Conservation of Mechanical Energy
6.9 The Potential Energy of a Spring
6.10 Various Forms Energy: The Law of Conservation of Energy
6.11 Power
6.12 Collisions

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