Section I: Events and Processes

QUESTION.1: Folk dances prevalent in Poland refer to
a. Polonaise
b. Mazurka
c. Hamasiz
d. None of these

QUESTION.2: Balkans, a geographical region covers the states of modern day
a. Italy, Romania, Bulgaria
b. Albania, Greece, Macedonia
c. Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia
d. All of these.  

QUESTION.4: Customs union ‘Zollverein’ was formed in the year of _______ and with the initiative of _____
a. 1934, Russia
b. 1834, Prussia
c. 1884, Austria
d. 1834, France

QUESTION.5: Utopian is –
a. an ideal vision of society
b. a term used to refer to the elite society in Britain
c. a system of rule where there is no restraint on the powers exercised by the political leaders
d. None of these.

QUESTION.7: Which state formed the customs union joined by others?
a. Vietnam
b. Prussia
c. China
d. US

QUESTION.8: Mention the major issue(s) taken by liberals to criticize the conservatives –
a. End of autocracy
b. Freedom of press
c. Both a and b   
d. Only a.

QUESTION.9: Who said, “True German culture is to be discovered among common people.”
a. Johann Gottfried Herder
b. Napoleon
c. Mazzini
d. Hitler  

QUESTION.11: The peasant masses who had supported Garibaldi in Southern Italy had never heard of –
a. Italia
b. Germania
c. Bharat Mata
d. Austria    

QUESTION.12: Who followed the policy of ‘Golden Mean’?
a. Metternich
b. Mazzini
c. Louis Philippe
d. Duke of Orleans  

QUESTION.15: Who was Frederick Sorrieu?
a. A revolutionary
b. Chancellor of Austria
c. King of Frame
d. French Artist  

QUESTION.16: Vienna Congress was convened in 1815 for what purpose?
a. to declare completion of German unification
b. to restore conservative regime in Europe
c. to declare war against France
d. to start the process of Italian unification.  

QUESTION.20: Zollverein was a
a. Trade union
b. Custom union
c. Employees union
d. German Commander   

QUESTION.21: Who followed the policy of Blood and Iron for national unification?
a. Mahatma Gandhi
b. Otto Von Bismarck
c. Mazzini
d. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose    

QUESTION.23: Who said that Italy was merely a geographical expression?
a. Cavour
b. Napoleon
c. Metternich
d. Gandhi

QUESTION.24: Which was not included in Balkan region?
a. Croatia
b. Bosnia Herzegovina
c. Serbia
d. Spain  

QUESTION.28: Which of the following countries were involved in the Act of Union?
a. England and Scotland
b. Russia and Italy
c. England and Russia
d. Scotland and Serbia  

QUESTION.29: Which of the following country is associated with Marianne?
a. Russia
b. Italy
c. Germany
d. France

QUESTION.30: Which of the following is correctly matched?
a. Slavs – Balkans
b. Garibaldi – Russia
c. Act of Union – Italy
d. Both a and c.  

QUESTION.33: In which of the following country language played an important role in developing nationalism?
a. England
b. Scotland
c. Ireland
d. Poland

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Chapter 1, The Rise of Nationalism in Europe

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