Class IX, NCERT History

Question.5: Who were ‘Mensheviks’ ?

Question.6: What is ‘Bloody Sunday’ ?

Question.7: What is meant by Russian Steam Roller ?

Question.8: Who was Marfa Vasileva ?

Question.9: Give single reason why did peasants greet the October Revolution.

Question.10: Define the term ‘Autocracy’.

Question.11: Outline the main objectives of the Russian Revolutionaries.

Question.12: Give two main features of Communism.

Question.13: Outline the important and immediate effects of the Russian Revolution on Russia.

Chapter 2, Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution

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Question.1: Name two prominent industrial areas of Russia in the 1890s.

Question.2: Who was Lenin? What were his three demands?

Question.3: Give the names of two Indian authors who wrote about Soviet socialism.

Question.4: Who were ‘Bolsheviks’ ?

Class IX, Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution - CBSE Questions and Guide for Chapter 2 NCERT History - India and the Contemporary World I

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