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Question.1: Name two prominent industrial areas of Russia in the 1890s.

Question.2: Who was Lenin? What were his three demands?

Question.3: Give the names of two Indian authors who wrote about Soviet socialism.

Question.4: Who were ‘Bolsheviks’ ?

Question.5: Who were ‘Mensheviks’ ?

Question.6: What is ‘Bloody Sunday’ ?

Question.7: What is meant by Russian Steam Roller ?

Question.8: Who was Marfa Vasileva ?

Question.9: Give single reason why did peasants greet the October Revolution.

Question.10: Define the term ‘Autocracy’.

Question.11: Outline the main objectives of the Russian Revolutionaries.

Question.12: Give two main features of Communism.

Question.13: Outline the important and immediate effects of the Russian Revolution on Russia.

Chapter 2, Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution

Class IX, NCERT History

Class IX, Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution - CBSE Questions and Guide for Chapter 2 NCERT History - India and the Contemporary World I