Class 7, English Honeycomb - Solutions of NCERT Textbook and CBSE Questions

Class 7 Honeycomb (English)

NCERT solutions of English textbook (Honeycomb) chapter exercise questions - Solutions of CBSE questions - A complete CBSE guide for Class VII, Ncert English Honeycomb 

HONEYCOMB - Contents 

Three Questions

The Squirrel

»•« Ncert answers of Honeycomb, English textbook chapter exercise questions for the poem - The Squirrel

A Gift of Chappals

The Rebel

»•« Class 7, Honeycomb - The Rebel - Ncert Cbse solutions of textbook exercise questions 

Gopal and The Hilsa Fish

The Shed

The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom


»•« CBSE Class VII, Chivvy (poem) - Honeycomb - NCERT solutions


»•« Class 7, Honeycomb - Quality - NCERT answers - Solutions of CBSE questions


Expert Detectives

Mystery of The Talking Fan

The Invention of Vita-Wonk

Dad and The Cat and The Tree

Fire: Friend and Foe

Meadow Surprises

A Bicycle in Good Repair

»•« A Bicycle in Good Repair - Solutions of CBSE Class 7, NCERT English, Honeycomb chapter exercise and sample questions 

Garden Snake

The Story of Cricket

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