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The Third Level – Jack Finney
The Tiger King – Kalki

Journey to the End of the Earth – Tishani Doshi
The Enemy – Pearl S. Buck

Should Wizard Hit Mommy– John Updike

On the Face of It –Susan Hill

Evans Tries an O-level- Colin Dexter

The Cutting of My Long Hair - Zitkala-Sa

We Too Are Human Beings- Bama


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Class XII, Vistas - NCERT English Supplementary Reader

Pleasure to welcome you at NCERT CBSE Guide room of India Study Solution   

This section of Class XII has study materials containing -

  • Answers of all questions from each unit of Vistas, Class 12 NCERT Supplementary Reader in English (Core course).

  • CBSE Guide for Vistas - additional CBSE Questions with solutions.

To view the article (answers / solutions) please click on the respective link in the table below.

Class XII Vistas, NCERT Supplementary Reader in English - CBSE guide with answers of textbook questions

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