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Question 1: Why do we need a law on minimum wages?

Question 2: Find out:

  • What is the minimum wage for a construction worker in your state?
  • Do you think the minimum wage for a construction worker is adequate, low or high?

  • Who sets the minimum wages?

Question 3: Why do you think enforcement of safety laws is important in any factory?

Question 4: Can you point to a few other situations where laws (or rules) exist but people do not ollow them because of poor enforcement? (For example, over speeding by motorists).

Question 5: What are the problems in enforcement?

Question 6: Can you suggest some ways in which enforcement can be improved?

Question 7: A 'clean environment' is a public facility. Can you explain this statement?

Question 8: Why do we need laws?

Question 9: Can you think of some other ways in which the environment can be protected? 

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Chapter 10, Law and Social Justice

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