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Class 11, NCERT (CBSE) Physics Contents [1/7]

(Class XI NCERT Solutions of CBSE  Physics – CBSE Guide)

CHAPTER 1: physical world

1.1 What is Physics?

1.2 Scope and Excitement of Physics

1.3 Physics, Technology and Society

1.4 Fundamental Forces in Nature

1.5 Nature of Physical Laws


2.1 Introduction

2.2 The International System of Units

2.3 Measurement of Length

2.4 Measurement of Mass

2.5 Measurement of Time

2.6 Accuracy, Precision of Instruments and Errors in Measurements

2.7 Significant Figures

2.8 Dimensions of Physical Quantities

2.9 Dimensional Formula and Dimensional Equations

2.10 Dimensional Analysis and its Applications

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