CBSE Class 9 and Class 10 Biology Value Based Questions, VBQs, for Board Examinations

Class 9 and Class 10, Biology - CBSE Guide

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has introduced 'Value Based Questions' (VBQs) of 3 to 5 marks in 15 subjects including almost all the major subjects in Class X and Class XII CBSE Board Examinations from 2013. The following questions are an attempt to develop a CBSE Value Based Questions bank (VBQs) in Biology for Class IX and Class X CBSE Board Examinations.  

CBSE Class 9 and Class 10, Biology - Value Based Questions Bank

Question 1: During her tour to a renowned forest, Sakshi found a highway being constructed which passes through the middle of the forest. This made her quite unhappy and on return she approached the concerned department of the local Ecological Society and asked them to stop this construction.

(a) What values did Sakshi reflect here?

(b)  In your opinion what would be the effect on biodiversity if the highway is constructed.

Question 2: Arman, while passing by a street stopped to see some children gathering in front of a road-side tree. He got annoyed as he saw those children were throwing stones at a snake on the tree which was trying to protect itself by moving up & down.  Immediately Arman stopped the children from throwing stones and called the snake help line number.

(a) Do you think Arman did the right thing & why ?

(b) What values did he show ?

(c) What do the persons working with snake helpline do?

(d) Can you name an Organization working for animals?

Question 3: Ravi was rushed to a nearby hospital after an accident which caused heavy bleeding. He needed blood immediately. But the hospital failed to provide 'O' negative blood for transfusion. Rehman who was attending a patient learned about the situation and being of the same blood group agreed to donate blood. Ravi's mother initially refused but agreed later after being convinced by her daughter.

(a) What values and similarities do you find in the thinking of Ravi's sister and Rehman ?

(b) Why can't 'O' positive blood be transfused into Ravi's body ?

(c) What is the genetic basis of blood group inheritance ?

Question 4: Aditya participated in a group discussion in his school on "The ill effects of the tobacco on human health". In the evening he goes with his family for dinner and insists on sitting in the "Non-smoking Zone" to which his father (who is a chain-smoker) objects.

(a) In this situation who wind your support - Aditya's concern for health and environment or his father's objection ? Justify giving two reasons.

(b) Suggest any three effective propaganda campaigns for Anti-Tobacco awareness.

(Courtesy: CBSE website for question 4)

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