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Class 12, NCERT (CBSE) Physics – Contents [1/7]

(NCERT Solutions of Class 12, Physics – CBSE Guide)

                  CHAPTER 1: ELECTRIC CHARGES AND FIELDS                          

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Electric Charges

1.3 Conductors and Insulators

1.4 Charging by Induction

1.5 Basic Properties of Electric Charges

1.6 Coulomb's Law

1.7 Forces between Multiple Charges

1.8 Electric Field

1.9 Electric Field Lines

1.10 Electric Flux

1.11 Electric Dipole

1.12 Dipole in a Uniform External Field

1.13 Continuous Charge Distribution

1.14 Gauss's Law

1.15 Application of Gauss's Law


2.1 Introduction

2.2 Electrostatic Potential

2.3 Potential due to a Point Charge

2.4 Potential due to an Electric Dipole

2.5 Potential due to a System of Charges

2.6 Equipotential Surfaces

2.7 Potential Energy in a System of Charges

2.8 Potential Energy in an External Field

2.9 Electrostatics of Conductors

2.10 Dielectrics and Polarisation

2.11 Capacitors and Capacitance

2.12 The Parallel Plate Capacitor

2.13 Effect of Dielectric on Capacitance

2.14 Combination of Capacitors

2.15 Energy Stored in a Capacitor

2.16 Van de Graff Generator

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