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Answers of CBSE long type Sample Questions

Question.4: Who are the gainers in the market?   

Question.5: Does everyone gain equally from the chain of a market of cotton (shirt)? 

Question.6: Establish relationship between the market and the equality?

Question.7: What is a chain of market? Do you think that everyone gains equally in the market?

Question.1: How do exporters cut down the cost of manufacturing garments?

Question.2: Why did the trader pay Swapna a low price?

Question.3: Where do you think the large farmers would sell their cotton? How is their situation different from Swapna? 

Answers of CBSE short type Sample Questions


Class 7, NCERT Solutions of Civics - Social and Political Life II

Class 7 Civics, Social and Political Life II - A Shirt in the Market NCERT Solutions - Answers of CBSE Sample Questions