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Question.4: Who are the gainers in the market?   

Question.5: Does everyone gain equally from the chain of a market of cotton (shirt)? 

Question.6: Establish relationship between the market and the equality?

Question.7: What is a chain of market? Do you think that everyone gains equally in the market?

Answers of CBSE short type Sample Questions


Class 7, NCERT Solutions of Civics - Social and Political Life II

Class 7 Civics, Social and Political Life II - A Shirt in the Market NCERT Solutions - Answers of CBSE Sample Questions 

Answers of CBSE long type Sample Questions

Question.1: How do exporters cut down the cost of manufacturing garments?

Question.2: Why did the trader pay Swapna a low price?

Question.3: Where do you think the large farmers would sell their cotton? How is their situation different from Swapna?