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The Summer of the Beautiful White House – by William Saroyan
The Address – by Marga Mincot
Ranga’s Marriage – by Masti Venkatesha Iyengar
Albert Einstein at School – by Patrick Pringle

Mother’s Day – by J. B. Priestley

The Ghat of the Only World – by Amitav Ghosh

Birth – by A. J. Cronin

Silk Road – by Nick Middleton

The Tale of Melon City – by Vikram Seth

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Class 11, SNAPSHOTS – NCERT English Supplementary Reader

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What you get below -

  • NCERT Solutions - chapter wise answers for CBSE Class 11, NCERT English Suppl Reader - SNAPSHOTS.

  • CBSE Guide carrying CBSE Sample Questions with Solutions on each chapter of Snapshots.

Class 11, SNAPSHOTS English Supplementary Reader - CBSE Guide and Chapter wise NCERT Solutions