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Students studying in Class 10 in the schools affiliated to CBSE Board (Central Board of Secondary Education) or studying Class X NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) textbooks following CBSE syllabus, can get here chapter wise NCERT answers of NCERT textbook exercises for many important subjects.

This is particularly helpful for students preparing Class 10, CBSE Board Exams i.e. All India Secondary School Examination (AISSE) as it provides NCERT solutions with CBSE notes and CBSE sample questions with solutions, MCQs, VBQs, PSA all the way to make it your 24 Hrs CBSE Guide for Class 10 Ncert Textbooks. And of course, you are getting all such costly study materials 
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To see the chapters please Click on the Subject or on the name of the NCERT Textbook listed below:   

CBSE guide - NCERT solutions – MCQ – VBQ - CBSE questions – NCERT answers

Class 10, Solutions of NCERT Textbooks

Class 10, NCERT Solutions - CBSE Guide, Notes and Sample Questions with Answers

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